On June 6, Geocaching Unlimited came to Onondaga-Brant School. The teachers split us up into groups and we had to find different kinds of containers around the school yard and at the soccer field next to our school. We had to use the clues we were given in our booklet to find the next containers. Some of the containers were camouflaged or hanging upside down in a tree. We followed a GPS and we had to find the answers to the questions on our tracking sheet. The GPS told us how many metres we had to walk and had an arrow on a compass for us to follow. Some of the items we found were toys, magnets, tape measures, and notes with a description of an activity that we had to do as a group. One of the activities we had to do as a group was sing the alphabet song together or shout, “We love geocaching!”. Geocaching was fun because we all took turns using the GPS and we all had to work together to figure out the clues. Geocaching taught us how to use a GPS and forced us to explore everything around us carefully. All of us would like to try Geocaching again!
Submitted by Mrs. Shepherd’s Grade 2/3 class.


Hacker Girls at OB

On May 2nd the Girls in Grade 6-8 participated in the Hackergal Hackathon. A Hackathon is an event in which groups of people come together to solve a problem. The term is largely used in the tech industry to describe a fast-paced event in which computer programmers or “coders” work together to create a functioning product. During the Hackergal Hackathon, 2,500 groups of girls worked together over the day to apply coding skills they’ve learned to create an interactive project with a theme that is revealed on the morning of the Hackathon. This year’s theme was endangered species.
Submitted by Mrs. Lapeare

Let’s Chalk About It!

The Grand Erie District School Board Child & Youth Workers have been “chalking it up” to raise awareness and bring education to students, school staff & the communities around Grand Erie District School Board about Mental Health & Well-Being,

Today at OB students went outside to draw pictures & write messages our front driveway. They shared with the community what Mental Health means, healthy ways to cope and support others, how & where to get help, and positive messages to stay healthy and strong.

Zumba for Water

Last Friday April 27th from 12:00 – 1:20 p.m. Onondaga-Brant held a WE Zumba 4 Water Zumbathon Fundraiser under the direction of Mrs. Petitti and the grade 5 class! It was an enthusiastic, fun event that raised money to provide fresh and clean water to villages throughout Kenya.

Our goal is $1,500 which is enough to provide one village with their own well. If you would like to help us reach our goal log onto this link to donate:

Any donation over $5 online will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you

Mrs. Petitti and the Grade 5 class

OB Celebrates Earth Day!

Earth Day Celebrations were today! What a beautiful, sunny, warm day to celebrate! We’d almost forgotten what these days were like. Students rotated through 10 different stations created by our Eco Team, identified by their green hats, and meant to reinforce recycling.

Eco Spirit points were awarded for wearing nature’s colors like green, putting flowers in their hair and for having a positive caring, attitude about the earth and for participating in all events with enthusiasm.

1. “Mindful Yoga “ (Leaders were Evangeline, Kelsey, Reegan, Stella)
Students were led in a series of yoga poses on mats outside to encourage students and staff to be active by taking care of our minds and getting outdoors in nature.
2. “ Snack” (Leaders were Chelsey, Hannah, Megan)
Students sat on the tree stumps and put food in compost bins such as peels from clementines to feed our worms that will create soil for our pollinator garden.
3. “Our Precious Water “(Ashley, Kallee, Scarlett)
Students competed against another team to save as much water as possible as they transfer their water carefully from their bucket to another by using a sponge. If students ran out of water they were not be allowed to
refill their buckets. Students were asked, “What happens if we run out of water?” Answers were recorded and will be sahred at next assembly.
4. Earth Bracelet – (Leaders were Mrs. Branston, Jackson, Layla)
Students re-used items to create art. Students will reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills, reduce fossil fuels which contribute to climate change. Students also created a Earth Day bracelet-one blue pony bead representing water, one green bead representing the land, and one wooden bead representing the soil. Students wore
bracelets when completed.
5. Plant a Seed! (Leaders were Tessa, Cash, Morgan) Students planted a bean seed and took the plant home to plant and watch grow. Students will learn about organic farming and learn the benefits of growing their own vegetables. Grade 8’s will be encouraged to put in their volunteer hours by helping maintain our cultural garden this year on Johnson road by watering, planting, weeding over the summer.
6. In gym-(Leaders were Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Cross when available) Scooters and/or pickle ball
7. Sort It Out! (Leaders were Mrs. Z and Kylie)
Students competed to put the materials in the correct recycling container. Plastic, Paper, Trash, Compost.
8. I wonder GOOS walk” (Leaders were Brianna and Dakota)
Students will Use GOOS (good on one side paper) to save paper and energy. Students will write I wonder questions
9. “Mindful Music” (Leaders were Chloe and Mrs. D)
Students played musical instruments and rain sticks, sang songs and chants to the Earth
10. “Chalk It Up!” (Leaders were Emilie and Mrs. Branston) Students created chalk murals on the
pavement with messages for Earth Day!

OB Raises Funds For Nova Vita

This year Ali, Blair and Cailyn sold Easter Grams to raise funds for Nova Vita. They wanted to support families that are not safe in their homes making sure they have a place to live and a meal everyday. Their efforts have put a smile on many hearts! Bravo!

Roxy and Perky Come to Visit

This week at OB, Roxy and Perky came to visit. The classroom was excited to have two baby ducklings come to visit Mrs. Zawalsky’s grade 1/2 classroom. They had many visitors from other classes as well.

Students used the ducklings to help with their math. They estimated how tall Roxy and Perky were on the Smartboard. Mrs. Zawalsky then measured the ducklings. Roxy is 18 cm. and Perky is 23 cm. tall. Grade One students estimated using non-standard units – cubes. Grad Two students estimated using standard units – cm ruler.

Students were then given a math problem to solve. We need to make a playpen for Roxy and Perky. Each duckling needs 4 square feet of space to live in. They were given a floor tile and told that one floor tile was equal to one square foot.

Students drew their playpen using a ruler and pencil to show their play area on grid paper. The students answered the questions, “What fraction is Perky’s space? and What fraction is Roxy’s space?” Students figure out that 4 out of 8 is the same as one half. Then students made a real life sized playpen out of blocks and laid out the floor plan with with tape on the floor tiles. Students made signs to indicate a racing and exercise area for Roxy and Perky. Unfortunately, they just relaxed and did not run so we could not measure the distance they traveled.

Animals are so unpredictable! Students then drew pictures of our ducklings and observed and learned about their body parts.

Wonderful Moments!

Quinn and Kansas, Junior Kindergarten student, came to the office with this story for me today.
Once upon a time there was a girl firefighter named Julia. All the girls and boys washed the fire away. Then they got out carefully on the ladder. There is a mote for 1, 2, 3, 4, fires.

They also brought me a beautiful bracelet they made for me.
They certainly put a smile on my heart! Thank you girls!

Mrs. Murray

Generous Hearts … Again

One of the best things about OB students is their generous hearts. They are always coming up with ways to help others. This week, students in Mrs. Zawalsky’s Grade 1/2 class raised funds to go to Zachary Paws in Hamilton to care for peoples pets while they are faced with illness/sick/injured in the hospital and cannot take care of their pets. The students really understood about making sure our pets are cared for when we are not able to do that. Zachary’s paws will also take your pet to the hospital to visit with you. What a wonderful, caring idea! Thank you to Evangeline and Victoria for spearheading this fundraiser.

The grade 1 students are also counting the money they recieved. A big thank you also to Longo’s Market for donating the gum.

For more information on Zachary’s Paws visit